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Muna Seid

Wildlife and Eco-Tourism Specialist



Muna Seid is an invaluable member of the Jebena Tours Ethiopia team, bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion to the field of wildlife and eco-tourism. With a degree specializing in wildlife and eco-tourism, Muna possesses a deep understanding of the delicate balance between conservation and sustainable tourism.


Muna's journey into the realm of wildlife and eco-tourism began with a profound appreciation for the natural world. Growing up surrounded by Ethiopia's diverse ecosystems, she developed a keen interest in preserving the country's rich biodiversity while simultaneously sharing its wonders with the world.


Muna holds a Bachelor's degree in Wildlife and Eco-Tourism from a renowned institution, where she gained both theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for conservation efforts and responsible tourism management. Her academic background equips her with a comprehensive understanding of ecology, conservation biology, sustainable tourism practices, and community engagement strategies.


As a Wildlife and Eco-Tourism Specialist, Muna's expertise lies in crafting immersive and sustainable travel experiences that promote environmental conservation and support local communities. She possesses a deep understanding of wildlife behavior, habitat conservation, and the principles of eco-friendly tourism. Muna excels in designing itineraries that offer travelers unique opportunities to explore Ethiopia's natural beauty while minimizing their ecological footprint.

Role at Jebena Tours Ethiopia:

Within Jebena Tours Ethiopia, Muna plays a pivotal role in developing and implementing eco-friendly tourism initiatives. She works closely with local communities, conservation organizations, and government agencies to ensure that tourism activities align with environmental conservation goals and benefit the communities hosting them. Muna's dedication to sustainable practices and her ability to forge meaningful partnerships contribute significantly to Jebena Tours' reputation as a responsible tour operator.

Passion and Commitment:

Muna's commitment to wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism is not merely professional but deeply personal. She believes in the transformative power of travel to inspire stewardship of the natural world and foster cross-cultural understanding. Muna's passion for her work is evident in her unwavering dedication to promoting responsible travel practices and preserving Ethiopia's natural heritage for future generations.


In Muna Seid, Jebena Tours Ethiopia has a dedicated advocate for wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism. With her expertise, passion, and commitment, she continues to enrich travelers' experiences while safeguarding Ethiopia's natural wonders for generations to come. Muna exemplifies the ethos of responsible tourism and serves as an inspiration to both her colleagues and the broader travel community.

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