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Gondar castles

Throughout the 16th -18th century.Gondar was the seat of government for the Solomonic Dynasty (descended from the quen of
Sheba and biblical king solomon).

as evidenced by the crumbling castle ruins that once housed the emperors, kings, and queens of this land. Gonder was the third capital city of Ethiopia, These ruins are now registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Many call Gondar ‘the Camelot of Africa’ but unlike Camelot, Gondar is a real city made out of royalty and blood and its history covers hundreds of years starting as early as the 12th century.

Emperor Fasiladas went on to build a total of 7 churches and the 5 emperors who succeded him followed suit by building even more churches and palaces, some of which still stand today

Gondar’s fertile lands and strategic placement are a couple of the reasons why Emperor Fasiladas chose this location as his seat of power in 1636. As legend has it, he was led by a buffalo to a pool by the Angered. Once there, a wise hermit announced to the Emperor he would locate his capital there. And so did Fasilidas. He filled in the pool and built his castle right there.



This place is very attractive.

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